Overcome Pain And Injury 

 Achieve Your Best.

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Overcome Pain And Injury 
 Achieve Your Best.
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Welcome to Pilates For Sports

With our unique online program, we believe in helping every person overcome pain, injury and poor form, so they can achieve their best in the sport they love, and the life they choose. We achieve this with improved core strength, a balanced body and good posture. 


Core strength so you can go faster, kick further, hit harder, ....


Restore your body to a more natural way of moving


Stand tall and reverse the curve with a strong and balanced body

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Online programs delivering core strength, improved posture and a balanced body. 16 sports to choose from, with each program customized to your personal goals. 





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Swimming, Tennis, Track & Field, Baseball, Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Cricket, Field Hockey, Skiiing, Duathlon, Basketball, Surfing, Aussie Rules Football, Equestrian 

How It Works

Customized Training Plan 

Pilates For Sports specialises in online pilates programs for improved performance and reduced injuries. Our customized program is a highly effective instructor-supervised program, with no experience required.

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We strive to provide the very best outcomes for all 

"I'm injury free, which is great. I constantly remind myself of the three power house items while exercising. I think it definitely works."

Cindy Gross

"Wow! My body actually feels like it is loosening up. Mobility in my hips is increasing. Thanks for the great exercises."

Steph Popelar

 "A lot of good things are coming together and I can’t help but think that Pilates is one of the last key components that I’ve been missing!"

Clay Schermerhorn

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Free Core Strength Challenge 

Start your pilates journey with our free 28-Day core strength challenge, with no credit card required. With our customized program you will take the first steps towards a stronger core, so you can overcome pain and injury, whilst reaching new highs in the sport you love. 

Includes customized training plan for your sport. 

100% online and ready to go right now.

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